Home is Where the Heels Are

I was a creative team leader for the student movement “Home is Where the Heels Are.” This project was fostered during a New Media class within UNC’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media in which our class was responsible for all parts of launching an advertising campaign. Our mission? Bring back giant 15-foot long Tar Heel feet that were storied to have been painted on all four major roads leading into Chapel Hill to let people know when they’d reached Tar Heel territory, originally painted to welcome back the men’s basketball team from their 1982 national championship. With no evidence that these ever existed besides our professor’s testimony, it was a big challenge to tackle.

So what happened? We reached 80% of Chapel Hill’s undergraduate population and generated  over a MILLION impressions within a two-week period. I did copy writing for social media, producing all of the social media bios, along with my main task of writing video copy. I wrote the scripts for all of the main campaign videos and assisted with art direction, working with the video team. Although writing the headlining videos that were meant to pull at the heartstrings and draw a lot of attention, I have to admit that writing and art directing a parody to “Backstreet’s Back,” turning it into “Heels Are Back,” was the most fun video to produce with the help of the video team.

Though the campaign is “over” since the class has technically ended, a small group of students, myself included, are continuing on with the project and currently working with the town of Chapel Hill to actually get them painted, made possible by our incredible campaign! click on the university logo to check out the campaign website and click on the video camera to see all a page of all of the campaign’s videos below.

A Piece on Queer Identity

My subject is UNC student Marg Sitterson, who goes by she/they pronouns. Shedding light on the complexities of the LGBT+ community is continuously important in my life, both creative and personal. This digital story is not the first time I have focused on this subject matter. There isn’t enough coverage of sexual and gender identities that aren’t clear-cut gay or straight. The goal of this documentary-style short is to spread information about the beautiful queer community and its intricacies through visual means!

I was responsible for all production elements of the following video.