Platform Political Ad Database Comparisons

In the fall of 2019, I had the opportunity to be a part of a research team through one of my Hussman School of Journalism and Media classes entitled “The Washington Experience.” Over the course of the semester, the research team grew interested in political ad databases and ended up conducting our semester’s report on the topic. Here, we compared and contrasted a number of aspects of Facebook, Google and Twitter’s ad transparency databases and critiqued them. 

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I am a founding member of LIMEAID, a student-run publication where anything goes. It’s a “publication by and for 21st century women, nonbinary, queer and trans folks finding ways to live outside the boundaries of tradition and expectation.”

In addition to writing for LIMEAID, I’m also our social media director.

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Tar Pit

Myself and a few friends found ourselves longing for a place to write satire for all to see. Out of this came the Tar Pit, a satire publication for any and all things UNC-related. Sure, we love our school, but it’s damn enjoyable to make fun of.

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